Above: "Late Afternoon Light on a NYC Street" o/p 18"x24"

Above: "Columbus Circle NYC" o/p 16"x20"

Above: "Crosswalk" o/p 14"x15"

Above: Lower Broadway SoHo o/p 24"x30"

Above: Lower Manhattan o/p 16"x22"

Above: NYC #1 o/p 10"x12"

Above: "Soho NYC" o/p 16"x10"

Above: "Little-NYC" o/p 9"x11"

Above: "NYC#2" o/p 14"x15"

Above: "Strolling-NYC" o/p 10"x24"

Above: "Last Light Lower Manhatten 16"x20" o/p sold

Above: "Before Night Fall SOHO" o/p 10"x20"

Above: "Side Street off of Broadway NYC" o/p 18"x25"

Above: "Late Afternoon Chelsea" NYC o/p 11"x22"

Above: "Lexington Avenue" NYC o/p 11"x16"


Above: "SOHO" o/p 21"x31"

Above: West 57th and 8th #2 o/p 17"x24"