Above: Atlantic Reggatta o/p 14"x30"

Above: Watch Hill 15s off of Stonington, CT 18"x24" o/p

Above: "Little Sailboat Race" 10"x14" o/p

Above: "Provincetown Fishing Boats With Crane" 13"x24" o/p

Above: "New England Coastal Rocks" o/p sold

Above: "Waters Edge" 7"x8" o/p

Above: "Waiting For The Bridge, Mystic" 16"x26" o/p sold

Above: "Tug Boat, New London" 12"x14" o/p sold

Above: "Landscape" 12"x14" o/p

Above: "Sandy Point From Summit Street, Stonington" 8"x14" o/p sold