Above: Around the Table o/p 24"x27"

Above: Attack o/p 7"x9"

Above: Cat Entering Room o/p 23"x44"

Above: Cat Nap o/p 11"x19"

Above: Cat On Blue o/p 11"x12"

Above: Cat On Chair #2 o/p 12"x18"

Above: Cat's Hot Tub o/p 14"x20"

Above: Counter Cats o/p 14"x20"

Above: On The Prowl #2 o/p 14"x30"

Above: Studio Cats o/p 24"x38"

Above: The Waiting Line o/p 18"x48"

Above: What's That Cat o/p 15"x21"

Above: Window Cat o/p 7"x9"