artist's statement

Over the last few years I have discovered that the urban landscape holds great inspiration for me. I document in my work a snapshot of life in 21st Century. I often use my own photographs as reference material. With digital photos, one can zoom in or out on an image to find an area that is compositionally pleasing. My paintings start out as drawings - drawn with paint. Thin washes of color are added and eventually filled in with thick and thin paint. As I build upon the painting I try to keep the composition alive - if I focus on one area too long and over paint it I consider the painting lost. I also like to incorporate abstract elements in my work, which I feel give the paintings a more modern edge. I consider my work Representational Abstraction, with a bit of Impressionism thrown in.

The artist, which provides the most inspiration for me, is Winslow Homer and particularly how his work documented his era. Also intriguing to me is how his work developed, later in his career, to include some abstract elements. The list is long of the other artists who inspire me, but at the top are Joseph Turner and John Singer Sargent. I also like the work of the twenty first century artists Edgar Payne, Emile Gruppe, and George Bellows.


Above: "Cat Entering Room o/p 23"x44"